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About Tvernoe Travel Group

Jan Tvernoe at Persepolis, Iran - About Tvernoe Travel Group

About Tvernoe Travel Group

Welcome to Tvernoe Travel Group – Quality Travel made in Denmark since 2007.

Tvernoe Travel Group specialize in complicated travel logistics for individuals, families, companies and organisations – Often to rarely visited and remote destinations.

We operate mostly in South America, In the Balkans and along the ancient Silk Road, but also has knowledge of destinations like Sudan, Papua New-Guinea, Sri Lanka, Oman and Uganda – Just to name a few.

Work with us !

If you are an incoming operator somewhere on this beautiful planet with ambitions to show your country from it´s most spectacular and unexpected side feel free to contact us and we will consider sending a representative. For further inquiry – Fill in the form below.

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Jan Tvernoe

Founder & CEO
Tvernoe Travel Group
+45 42 48 46 16

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Old Dongola, Sudan - Tvernoe Travel Group


Rila Monastery, Bulgaria - Tvernoe Travel Group

Happy Lama Travel

Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru - Tvernoe Travel Group


Pamir Highway, Tajikistan - Tvernoe Travel Group